If you are someone who has all or majority of the characters above, then we will be your best big family, we are group of people who think and do like no-one else, we love to challenge the impossible, we are very determined, creative, and passionate in doing our work, because we believe unforgettable moment only can be created by extraordinary imagination, effort and high level of details in every aspect.

We are looking for anyone anywhere in the world who has the same passion and dream with us, who is willing to work hard to achieve our goal which is  "to make anyone in the world can propose anywhere in the world with an unmatched and unforgettable experience."

We are currently aiming to add new destinations to our portfolio, so if you are interested to be part of the opening team as part timers, freelancers, or full timersespecially from the countries which we haven't yet served. If you have have a high determination and share the same passion with us,  feel free to send your CV to career@lynxmarriageproposal.com and please mention the reason why you want to join us..

If you :

  • Love something romantic and like to see the romantic moment

  •  Think someone deserve to get the most unforgettable and best moment at least once in their life

  •     Love to create romantic moment for your loved one or for others

  •       Value experience and enjoyment more than just money and profit

  •         Want to be part of highly motivated and passionate team who operates globally

  •            Want to feel new experiences and excitement that you can't find anywhere

  •               Have high determination and always think positive about everything

  •                 Think that nothing is impossible to be done and like to constantly challenge yourself above common standard

  •                    Feel the definition of romantic, adventure and experience need to be brought to the whole new level

Have the same passion with us ?

Let's come and make the difference in someone's life today