Where is the based of the company?

L-Y-N-X is the subsidiary brand of Lunique Enterprise International Pte.Ltd, a Singapore-based company but we have the representative in all the countries and cities we served.

Do you provide photographer or videographer?

We have an exclusive partnership with some of the best photographers and cinematographers in the destinations we served. We can easily provide their services upon request. And "Yes" we also have our team of videographers and video editor who are specially trained for live events.

Am I in the hand of professional?

We are highly-qualified, professional planner and organizer house. Experienced in various types of scenarios. We are known for our quality and we pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.

When you choose L-Y-N-X, you know that somebody will take care of your important moment with the utmost priority.

What are the countries or destinations I can choose?

You can see from our destination list and choose the destination as your wish to celebrate the very special moment with the most dearest person in your life.

Is it safe to take the services with L-Y-N-X?

There is nothing you need to worry about. We are registered company in Singapore and we have experienced many types of request and scenario. Our team is loaded by all the professionals who have experiences and education from multiple countries, making L-Y-N-X understands how to take care of our privilege and international class clienteles.

How do I contact L-Y-N-X?

We have our representatives in many operating countries worldwide. For information regarding packages and services, if your country is within our coverage area, we can have our representatives call you back. All you need to do is just simply reach us through our "Contact Us" page. 


We have several methods of payment, such as:

- Payment via PayPal ​

- International Bank Wired Transfer

What do you actually sell?

# If you want to propose your love one with an unforgettable way in abroad country, then you're already in the right place.

# If you want to have the honeymoon that will last forever in your memory, then we are your answer.

# If your anniversary is approaching, but you don’t know how to surprise your partner, don’t worry, we will take care of it.


Basically we are the organizer that helps you fulfill your dream, you will invest in the idea, our knowledge and resources to make the proposal of your dream or honeymoon in your imagination to be real.

So, are you wedding studio or wedding organizer?

Well, none of it, we are the surprise organizer. We don’t have the service as wedding studio or wedding organizer has, instead we take care of any event that need the surprise element in it, especially in foreign countries. So yes it's totally different concept.

​Unlike the wedding organizer who needed by the couple who want to marry because the wedding ceremony is must be done anyway, our service is different, people choose to hire us not because they need to, but because our client is the gentlemen or ladies who respect love and believe in creating the moment that will mark the sweet memory in their partner's heart forever. 

I mean, who will remember the details wedding ceremony after 5 years, but who can forget the unique heart-melting proposal that happen before your eye?

What is Marriage Proposal service?

Marriage Proposal is the event when one person ask his/her partner to marry, most likely it is done in the classic way by kneeling down on one knee and ask “Will you marry me?”

So if you want this once-in-the-lifetime-moment to be exclusively unique and special, then it’s the reason why we are here.

We will assist you from generating the idea to propose until making all the necessary set up and with our extensive knowledge of the location and our broad resource from team to the local vendors, we will make sure everything run smoothly in your “saying-day”, you can just enjoy your once in a lifetime moment and let us take care the rest.

Proposing never be this easy before !

Do you provide accommodation, transportation, etc.?

We can provide almost everything in the cities we served, including accommodation, transportation, etc, but our original package usually excludes that. As 95% of our clients have already booked everything, and just need our service to prepare special arrangement for their loved one.

We understand the incredibly high standards you expect when it comes to the important occasion in your life. 
​We look forward to the opportunity to talk and hear about the unique details of your special day !

Frequently  Asked  Question