Thanks to create a special moment for us !!
- Caleb & Jessica (US) -

Really professional team with brilliant idea
- Lucas & Charlotte (UK & France) -

We came for honeymoon, actually we expect nothing before, but it turns out to be exceeding our expectation, very recommended organizer house, we will visit you guys sometimes as i promised :)
- Jacob & Madison (USA) -

Very creative proposal scenario and smoothly operated, big credit for LYNX team !!
- Hyeon-u & Soo-jin (Korea) -

Friendly and responsible team, we have a great time
- Kurt & Evgenia (US & Russia) -

Never know this kind of service before, we really enjoy our moment, keep up the good work buddy !
- James & Lisa (Singapore) -

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- L-Y-N-X team -

Everything run smoothly and we really like your setting, just the sun is too hot, but that's why we come here lol
- Darek & Abigail (US) -

We plan to do the pre-wedding photography with LYNX before but they suggest to do the marriage proposal instead because they said it can be the unforgettable moment and they are right, now we use the photos from our marriage proposal event instead of the pre-wedding as we plan, and it turns out to be very heart touching to see my wife's surprised face captured in the camera
- Rendy & Catherine (Indonesia) -

‚ÄčToo bad it was raining in our day so we can't run the plan proposal, but LYNX already prepare the alternative scenario indoor, not as good as outdoor though but it saves my day and she accept it, i couldn't ask more, thanks for you guys !!
- Peter & Emma (Canada) -